Blood type Spa Packages

Blood type A (The Cultivator) dates from the dawn of agriculture.
As a Blood type A personality, you are very creative, and the most artistic of all the blood types, but it is difficult for
you to let go of stress. Our Stress Harmony Massage will ease away your tension and stimulate nerves that enable you to experience harmony and genuine peace. Nutrients that are specifically beneficial for your blood type combined with the soothing massage technique will strengthen your skin immune system, reduce redness, balance the skin metabolism protect you against germs as well as restore the youth of your skin.

Treatment Includes: Stress Harmony and Colon Cleansing Massage 75 mins ,Coffee Gems Body Scrub –
Type A, AB 35 mins ,Green Tea Body Mask – Type A, AB 35 mins.

Blood type B (The Nomad) is associated with a strong immune system Blood type Bs have strong immune systems. You are creative, straight-forward and manage things in your own way.
Sometimes your assertion of being independent draws back your vitality. Our unique combination of massage and blood type-specific ingredients help balance your immunity and hormone system as well creating a serene mood.

Treatment Includes: Calming and Lymphatic circulation Massage75 mins, Rice Gems Body Scrub Type B, AB 35 mins
Oriental Spice Body Mask – Type B, AB 35 mins.

Blood Type O (The Hunter) is the earliest human blood group
People of blood type O are said to be creative, popular and loyal. They are determined and succeed in their goals.
Their determination consumes a lot of their energy. Our massage technique incorporate with effective high grade
Ingredients help alleviate minor irritation of the skin by balancing the skin immunity as well as stimulating the proper
cellular metabolism.

Treatment Includes : Relaxing and Reflexology Body Massage 75’Mins, Soya Gems Body Scrub – Type O 35 Mins
Deep Sea Body Mask – Type O 35 mins.

Rebalance your Body and Mind For all blood group types.
Our Smooth massage combined with very gentle massage oil relieves obstructed circulation, promotes sufficient blood and lymph flow throughout the body as well as healing up aching muscles, joints
as individuals with sensitive skin will enjoy this treatment.

Treatment Includes : Relaxing Body Massage 75mins Blood Type Body Scrub35 mins Blood Type Body Mask (A,B or O)35 mins.

Blood type Rejuvenation 3 hours 

• 30 mins blood type body scrub
• 90 mins blood type body massage
• 60 mimis facial treatment

Blood type Romance Couple Bliss 2.30 hours (For two) 7,500.- • 30 mins Romantic Floral Milky bath
• 30 mins Blood type body scrub
• 90 mins Blood type Body Massage

Blood type 2 Days Spa Journey 
Day 1
• 60 mins Blood type Body Scrub
• 45 mins Foot Reflxology Massage
• One Meal Blood type Food on Menu.

Day 2
• 75 mins Blood type Body Massage
• 45 mins Deep Facial Cleansing
• One Meal Blood type Food on Menu.

Blood type 3 Days Spa Journey
Day 1
• 45 mins Blood type Body scrub
• 60 mins Indian Head Massage
• One Meal Blood type Food on Menu

Day 2
• 90 mins Blood type Body Massage
• One Meal Blood type Food on Menu

Day 3
• 75 mins Rehydration Facial Treatment
• 45 mins Foot Reflexology Massage
• One Meal Blood type Food on Menu.

Blood type Food & Drink Menu

Blood type O

• Stir-fried Broccoli with Prawn
• Fried rice Pineapple with Sea bass
• Sea bass Salad with Lemon dressing
• Blue Berry and Cherry Smoothies
• Prunes Smoothies

Blood Type A

• Thai Spicy Salmon Salad with Garlic
• Pumpkin Soup
• Stuffed Chicken Breast with Spinach and Prunes
• Live Green tea soda
• Grape fruit Smoothies
• Green bean dessert

Blood Type B

• Fried rice Turmeric and Tuna
• Grilled Pork Chop with Yogurts Sauce
• Fried rice Pineapple with Beef
• Smoothies Watermelon and Mint
• Pineapple Smoothies
• Ice-Cream and Honey

Blood Type AB

• Stir-fried Broccoli with Pork
• Deep-fried Sea bass with Garlic
• Tuna Salad
• Banana and soy bean Smoothies
• Cherry Smoothies
• Chocolate Smoothies